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General Services

Flexible contracting philosophy

We will perform our services under the traditional contracts such as reimbursable or lump sum services, but we are also ready for partnership, long-term alliances or other methods for sharing risk and reward

Top quality services to a range of clients

We provide a range of services to the refinery, petrochemical, process, mineral and metals industries, all tailored to meet individual client requirements. Our clients vary from large multinationals contemplating major expansion to small businesses who need a minor problem solved.

Complete range of process design, conceptual engineering, basic and detailed engineering support, project controls and management and procurement support, we also OFFER consulting services such as plant or project audits, troubleshooting, value engineering facilitation and participations, HAZOP/risk studies and design reviews

The total life of the project

We contribute in all phases of the life of a project from conceptual or pre-feasibility studies, including market research, project FINANCE, economic analyses all the way to commissioning assistance.

Particular expertise in the hydrocarbon and petrochemical industry

  • Refinery revamps and upgrades
  • Chemical and petrochemical revamps and upgrades
  • Receiving and export TERMINALS’ upgrades and development
  • Process development
  • Tank farm facilities
  • Distillation design, upgrading and troubleshooting

Equipped with hard-won, in depth knowledge

Our Process engineering excellence is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in the form of technical files, databases, computer programmes, records and personal experience. This is SUPPLEMENTED by literature searches and dialogue with research organisations and this positions our people at the forefront of modern, up-to-date technology.

Project Management

An experienced project manager leads a project, providing the four essentials of project management, planning, direction, co-ordination and control.

Process Engineering excellence across all disciplines

Highly experienced process engineers provide support to other disciplines of engineering, in all phases of a project.

Rigorous Quality Control

Throughout a project all design data, drawings, etc. are subjected to a thorough multi-discipline review and checking procedure as part of our quality management system.

Appropriate deliverables as the project requires

The extent of deliverables depends on the status of the project. Conceptual capital and/or operating cost estimates are supported by preliminary information but as the required detail and accuracy of the estimate increases, more detailed design drawings, specifications or supplier information is included.

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