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In an ever changing and challenging environment, we at AVEC recognize that the traditional project execution techniques are simply not enough. We need to go further to understand our clients and provide real solutions to their business needs. We are committed to performing work that will build relationships which benefit everyone involved.

How do we achieve this?

Value Added Engineering

Our firm belief is that we can add value and as a result, our focus is always on how we can add value and make a difference to our clients and their projects. Doing just what we are asked is not sufficient and we endeavor to use techniques to add value on all our projects, regardless of size. Value can be related to project cost, operating cost or revenue, schedule or anything else of importance to our clients. We have used value engineering on a number of projects in the hydrocarbon/petrochemical plant and mineral processing industries and achieved significant savings, without sacrificing scope.

Innovative and Flexible

The AVEC office is purposely small, backed by close relationships with companies having expertise in various related fields as well as relationships with well-known industry equipment and service suppliers. This structure allows us to respond in a flexible manner to client requirements without the need to keep teams of people on standby. This means that people with the right expertise can be used appropriately without increasing costs.
Ideas from a range of people with the necessary, appropriate experience are used to ensure that not only the first, easiest solution is considered. Our culture or process development is geared to considering new ideas and being open to the potential for improvement of existing processes.
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